If it’s odd, we’re interested.

Product Strategy
Market Intelligence
OSINT (open source intelligence) Research

We provide research and product management strategy services to clients in scholarly communications (scholcomm) and organizations in media & the arts, investigative journalism and design.

Product Management Strategy Verticals:
Academia: Scholarly Communications #scholcomm | Libraries and Librarians | Societies
Arts & Media: Designers | Musicians | Independent Publishers | Web | Social | PR

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research Verticals:
Arts & Media: Artists | Musicians | Curators | Publishers | Archival Producers
: Investigative Journalists | Fact-checkers | Independent Researchers
NGOs: Medical | Social Welfare | Climate Consciousness | Anti-discrimination | Animal Welfare | Privacy | Freedom of Information

Research. Investigation. Analysis. Strategy. Execution. 

Diverse clientele includes: multinational media and telecommunications firms; scholarly communications companies and societies; information design agencies; geopolitical forecasters; internationally recognized dissident artists; marketing agencies; film and television writers; investigative journalists; private investigators; non-profit organizations — and inventors.

Our work is discrete and a majority of our clients come through referrals. If you would like to speak, we can be reached via various E2EE solutions, or you can send a general inquiry to: info@swensonia.com

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