Product + Strategy + Intelligence

Eric Swenson, Founder of the Swensonia Consulting Group, based in New York, USA. We keep an eye out for you.

Swensonia is a boutique private intelligence and product strategy consultancy built on a framework of open source intelligence and open design frameworks that scale to fit the needs of startups, non-profits and NGOs.


+ Product-led Strategy and Team Development
+ Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research & Analysis
+ Competitive and Market Intelligence

Applied intelligence research is about expecting the unexpected and following data-driven leads or experience-driven hunches, whether through the complex waters of the clear net, the bowels of some far-off library basement, or the murkiest niches of the darknet.

Who we work with:

Diverse clientele includes: consultants; artists; investigative journalists; scholarly communications publishers & societies; geopolitical forecasters; marketing agencies; film and television writers; private investigators; inventors; superforecasters; media firms; non-profit organizations.

Our partnership network includes: cybersecurity and infosec consultancies; online privacy specialists; IT research groups and leading UX Strategy experts.

Contact us at:

1 Hewitt Square
# 238
East Northport, New York 11731