All product power to all the peoples. Democratize intelligence! Monitor the monitors! And — just help out!

HOLIDAY HOURS: We will be closed Wednesday, November 23 at 3pm EDT, returning on Wednesday, November 30.

Swensonia is a product strategy and research consultancy built on a foundation of open source intelligence, publicly available information (PAI) and open design principles.


+ Product-led Strategy and Team Development
+ Competitive and Market Intelligence
+ Publicly Available Information (PAI) and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research & Analysis to inform and guide product strategy

Applied open source research is all about expecting the unexpected and following data-driven leads or experience-driven hunches, whether through the complex waters of the clear net, the bowels of some far-off library basement, or the murkiest niches of the internet.

Product-led growth strategies require a consistent focus on customer experience, competitive intelligence and robust situational awareness. We ensure that our clients are equipped to respond swiftly to rapidly changing market requirements. Our clients are trained to develop business models that match and scale to exceed their founder’s vision. Why exceed? Because today’s plans are tomorrow’s distant memories. We work with superforecasters, scenario planners, user experience strategists and experts in the fields of market research, landscape analysis, operations, and information science to keep you on-mission and on-target.

All engagements are led by founder and principal Eric Swenson. Swenson integrates 30 years of experience leading product development for digital media including scholarly search & discovery products, scholarly communications information systems, inventors and investigative research specialists.

Contact us at:

1 Hewitt Square
# 238
East Northport, New York 11731