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Eric Swenson, Founder of the Swensonia Consulting Group, based in New York, USA. We keep an eye out for you.

Swensonia provides research and analysis services designed to support unconventional clients in extraordinary circumstances.

If it’s odd — we’re interested!


+ Business Operations Advisement
+ Product Strategy
+ Product Team Development
+ Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research & Analysis
+ Competitive and Market Intelligence

Our background in scholarly communications (#scholcomm) and scholarly information analytics systems means that we have the knowledge, insights and connections to exploit information resources and practices (such as bibliometrics, citation analysis, funding resource forensics, etc.) to amplify research effectiveness and provide you with more holistic views on your target than traditional research groups are likely to provide.

We partner with our clients to develop products that liberate the senses, enhance creativity, expand the range and reach of researchers, artists, investigators and explorers.

Applied intelligence research is about expecting the unexpected and following data-driven leads or experience-driven hunches, whether through the complex waters of the clear net, the bowels of some far-off library basement, or the murkiest niches of the darknet.

Product Management Strategy Verticals:

Academia: Scholarly Communications #scholcomm | Libraries and Librarians | Societies

Arts & Media: Designers | Musicians | Independent Publishers | Web | Social | PR

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research Verticals:

Arts & Media: Artists | Musicians | Curators | Publishers | Archival Producers

: Investigative Journalists | Fact-checkers | Independent Researchers

NGOs: Medical | Social Welfare | Climate Consciousness | Anti-discrimination | Animal Welfare | Privacy | Freedom of Information

Who we work with:

Diverse clientele includes: superforecasters; multinational media and telecommunications firms; scholarly communications companies and societies; information design agencies; geopolitical forecasters; internationally recognized dissident artists; marketing agencies; film and television writers; investigative journalists; private investigators; non-profit organizations — and inventors.

Our work is discrete, ethical and effective. We subscribe to and exceed the parameters of the SCIP Code of Ethics. Our partnership network includes: cybersecurity and infosec consultancies; online privacy specialists; IT research groups and leading UX Strategy experts.

Proud supporters and/or member of:

– American Library Association (ALA)
– American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
– Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
– Innocent Lives Foundation (ILF)
– TraceLabs (
– Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP)

Contact us at:

New York
United States of America