Swensonia Consulting

Update – February 2023 – This site is currently undergoing maintenance and reconstruction in accordance with our new business model for 2023.

Keywords: academic, corporate, government, research, arts-based research, OSINT, PAI, scholcomm, scholarly information systems, data mining, investigative augmentation, electronic privacy, citizen journalism, geolocation. In essence, we are moving toward a purely research-oriented modality that is equipped to serve clients all across the globe.

Looking forward to getting back on the road! I’ll be seeing you in the airport lounges at Schiphol, Narita International and even Charlotte Douglas International — again. Or, the truckstop diner at Anywhere USA… More soon.

While we are rebuilding here, please visit Eric Swenson’s page on LinkedIn – or reach out via email: info@swensonia.com

Stay tuned for our forthcoming project, OSINTArts, a living testament to applied arts-based research and design. – ES