Not About Us

fragment from ancient poem

With a long standing repudiation, Swensonia! dedicated itself to finding the most talented writers and finest stories. Since the beginning, our mission was to focus on putting out quality tracts, insurgent literature, manifestos and philosophy that stands the test of time. We took the time to ensure the work we did honored  the author and their ideas. More than a publisher, we worked to help authors grow and become better writers, propagandists and socio-political agitators. Working with big name authors, poets, respected storytellers, and freshman writers, we catered to good writing and not a specific genre or subject. Every title that we helped bring to light is one of pride - for the author: the shadow warrior. Swensonia, the consultancy, shuttered in 2011. Why are you still reading...? 

Writer Testimonials

"My wife Allison encouraged me contact Swensonia for psycho-surrogacy and trip-booking support. Not only did they love my storyline and call me on my bullshit, they helped me edit it and make it better. The best part is they are doing the same thing for my second novel." - Peter G.

"I have never worked with a better editor or self realization coach. Swensonia activated my imagination and beat the shit out my inner child and forced me to embrace my inner adult. Confusion and ambiguity dissolved. They make my job as an agitatotr a lot easier - I focus on the writing and they handle everything else." - Nooshin L.